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About Us

My Brothas of Valor LLC is a Christian Social Network Service that offers male support services to women of color seeking men of valor for their daily business needs. The men are from various towns and cities, age 18 years old & older who are ready to join simply to provide help services to sistas in need of manpower support.
Our Services
  • Vehicle support gentleman
  • Gentlemen valor accompaniment
  • Handy man helper
  • Step it up Big Brotha
  • Valor singer/ musician
  • Sr. Valor recreation buddy
  • Valor buddy angels for bullied youths
  • Valor Brotha business leaders
  • Valor Brotha workout partner
  • Valor Jr. outside helpers
  • Valor Brothas computer geeks
The best faithful Brotha of Valor can become eligible for our cash award drawing
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This site is Awesome
- AnnY
When I first heard about this site from my church friends, I was amazed because it was the answer to my prayers. I don’t have the strength to mow the lawn, garden, and fix stuff in the house. These brothers are a blessing to women like me sons I never had
- Kristeta
This site is definitely what people like me need
- Carla